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Vidya Saadak has guided a large student community till date, who are doing well in life. We are very proud and satisfied to have such an Alumni. If you are one such Alumni, please post your details in the following format.



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Note: We ask for your contact information because some of our students might get inspired by you and your journey. It would be helpful for them to decide on their path better.

22 thoughts on “Alumni Forum”

  1. Joining VSTC was the turning point in my life because it changed my mindset towards studies as well as my life. Hemanth Sir is very unique , he is one of a kind. He has not only taught me mathematics but also encouraged me, guided me and inspired me. I am always grateful for him for teaching me life lessons and for all the moral support he has given me. Dear Hemanth Sir , your inspirational words will always be etched in our hearts and minds forever . Thank you Hemanth Sir and all the staff members for all the love and support. Wishing this institution a huge success ahead . Truly proud to be a part of VSTC . Thank you.


  2. For me this place is just not a tuition, it was a sacred place since It made a huge difference in my life. Hemanth Sir is a gem of a person who guided me on the right path and kept me motivated me throughout. The marks I scored is only because of Sir. One of the best teacher I’ve come across. Thank u sir

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  3. I joined VSTC for mathematics during my first year of engineering in 2012 and the teaching was excellent and very disciplined. I’m very grateful and thankful to Hemanth sir for his moral support and guidance. It is really a great experience and exposure to be thought from an inspiring and motivating person like Prof .Hemanth Shetty sir as you not only learn about your education but also you will learn the true insights about life and this knowledge will make you disciplined and responsible in your walks of life. I definitely recommend this institution to all the students and wish them good. I also wish all teachers of Vidya Saadak and Hemanth Shetty sir huge success now and for ever. Cheers!!

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  4. My experience at Vidya Saadak goes back to the year 2012 when I was pursuing my grade 12 at Christ Juniors College and I remember my friend who introduced me to Mr. Hemanth Shetty and that enthusiasam in teaching, the true grit in bringing out the best of his students and from the support of his colleagues bolstered my education steps leading me to where I stand now and am so glad to have had to experience his diciplined teachings and the way it provoked me to like integration when it was and still is a challenging part of mathematics.

    I definitely would recommend students to enroll yourself to bring out the best of you.

    Kind regards.

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  5. 4 years in VSTC and just grew each year. Really good people who are capable of guiding you and grinding you if required to take you on the right direction.
    Its a place run by a very expericed man. Hemanth Shetty sir! A person who is really capable of pushing even a dull student to be something.
    I wish my former learning centre, all the very best and continue to nurture students just like you are.

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  6. I admitted my son chi.Sujan J Vasishta to Vidyasaadak during 2014 for 10std CBSE coaching. From then on for us as parents no worries which was mainly on account of meticulous planning of events under academic curriculum. The words are less to describe the environment the student experience in Vidyasaadak. Great and wonderful team of faculty who are with Vidyasaadak for nearly 20 years.
    I am proud to be a parent of my son who studied here and has scored 98 percent in PCME in 2nd PUC exam held dry March 2017.
    Thank you so much sir Sri.Hemanth Shetty and his team. All the Best and wish the institute grow and continue to guide the students for long long years.

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  7. It’s so nice to see all the success vidya Saadak is getting… Hemanth sir deserves every bit of this… All the best to my tuition Centre in the coming years as well

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  8. It was a life changing experience for me in deed. Joined VSTC as a student and became a faculty for ICSC/CBSC kids for one academic year. VSTC not only recognized the teaching skills in me but also boosted up my confidence to build my future. Thank you Hemanth Sir. I always seek your blessings for all my endeavours.

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  9. Being trained at Vidya saadak was one of the best moments of my life. I have learned so much under the guidance of Hemanth sir. The teaching faculty are very friendly. Not only I excelled at the academics, I also learnt important life lessons too.
    I am extremely proud to say that I am a part of Vidya saadak.

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  10. Without a great lecturer like you, I could have been lost. Thanks for your effort in guiding me, motivating me and most importantly for making me exactly what I am today.
    I found friendship, guidance, discipline and love, and almost everything in just one person. And that fantastic person is you Sir.

    “Vista saadak” A Temple of Learning.

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