Vidya Saadak was conceptualised almost around 3 decades ago in the year 1988 by Prof Hemanth B. Shetty. He worked as an independent body with a view of establishing a bench-mark institution to achieve excellence in the field of coaching young aspiring students to chase their dreams.  The institution has shaped the lives of thousands of students under the guidance of Prof Hemanth B. Shetty. The centre has a very strong teaching faculty, who have been majorly involved in getting best results.

The faculty present at the centre help students tackle the difficulties of subjects by giving personal attention. The students can ask for any number of explanations until they get completely clarified. We keep good track of the student’s performance in the weekly tests given at the centre. We also make sure that the parents/guardians are well informed about the student’s overall performance by having “Parents and Teachers meeting”.

Here is Our Director’s Vision of Vidya Saadak!

Our senior faculty, Pramod T A, shares his views on his experiences as a teacher and describes the ideal learning environment for a student in the video below.  

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It’s not just pushing the students to score higher in their acadaemics , it’s the guidance given by Hemanth Shetty Sir , which prepares the students at Vidya Saadak to excel in their chosen fields and make them responsible humble human beings which is why he is the Guru of Gurus i. Children from his tutorials learn their life in a different perspective and pass on their knowledge for life to one and all in future . Truly commendable Guru Hemanth Shetty and his team !!!! 🙏🙏🙏


I’m really grateful to have spent 2 years of my life being a part of this great place. It is not just a tutorial but much more than that. I’m currently pursuing 6th sem in the branch of EC and had the fortune of sitting in Hemanth sir’s class for quite a few subjects. Vidya Sadak provides a peaceful and pure learning space which is what the students need and the fact that sir sees each student as his own child amazes me each time. If you are a parent looking for a promising place to admit your child to achieve excellence, look no further – Vidya Sadak is the place to be

Manikanta S Rao

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