About Us

Prof Hemanth Shetty gave up teaching in BNMIT College of Engineering to dedicate his time in training students to do better in their academics. The center has molded many students to achieve their goals, who are now well settled in various disciplines like software, hardware, doctors, etc.

At Vidya Saadak Tuition Center, we believe in Quality than Quantity. We strictly follow the idea of taking in a limited number of students and train them to face the exams. We teach our students a lot of time-saving techniques and fast solving methods which would keep them ahead compared to their peers. We firmly believe that it is always our practice which makes us successful. Hence, we make sure that our students will be assisted with a variety of problems for better understanding, from as many prescribed textbooks as possible.

The environment at which a student study is given the highest priority. At our center, we have a very well ventilated, spacious classrooms made to accommodate a good number of students. We have a separate Study Area, Computer Lab, Library and separate Restrooms for girls and boys. We value the safety of all the students, so we monitor all the classrooms with 24 hours CCTV coverage.

Tests are conducted in all subjects once a week to check the progress of the student. Special attention is given to students not faring well in these tests and parents are informed about the marks scored by their wards.

The educators at the center not only teach academics but also strive to impart human values to groom the buds into beautiful flowers. Our effort is not only to provide the students with a roadmap to effective learning but also to reassure them of our motivating company during their journey on the road to success.

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